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Palo santo - Maca root - Nutmeg
Palo santo - Maca root - Nutmeg

Palo santo - Maca root - Nutmeg

100g (approx 3.5 oz) per bar

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The sacred scent of palo santo oil paired with Andean maca root powder and spiced with nutmeg. Notes of caramel and woods

Woodsy - Spice - Sweet - Warm


  • vegan and cruelty free soap
  • no palm oil
  • handcrafted in the USA
  • scented with botanical ingredients
  • plastic-free shipping

Ingredients: distilled water, coconut oil, rice bran, *sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, olive oil, mango butter, shea butter, castor oil, kokum butter, *fragrance (proprietary blend of essential oils, absolutes and herbs), kaolin clay, maca root powder, titanium dioxide


*Please see info for more details on sodium hydroxide 

*fragrance information

*Disclaimer: if you have any medical conditions or concerns, please contact your doctor prior to using Egeau products. Always do a patch test if you have sensitive skin. Please send any questions or concerns to info@egeau.com