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About our fragrances

The fragrances we use in our soaps are crafted in-house at Egeau. The advantage to this is that every flavour of soap is unique and original.

luxury soap


When the olfactive part of our brain experiences new smells, it can create new memories.

Our hope at Egeau is that you create new memories around our products and the moments you use them.


The materials we use to fragrance our products include;     

  • essential oils
  • absolute extractions
  • tinctures and infusions
  • powdered resins, roots and barks.


    Lavender soap


    Our goal is to represent the natural world while also being modern and sophisticated.

    This way, our customers can connect to nature, perfume their house and cleanse their bodies all in one step. 



     We use classic perfumery techniques of balancing base, middle and top notes.

    Our formulas will last in the soap, jump into the air and wrap your surroundings in refined aromas. 

    essential oils