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About this blog

It may seem redundant (or meta) to talk about the future of this blog, but after months of reflection (and apprehension), I have come to the conclusion that one of many of the goals for this blog is to focus on philosophy, mainly philosophical questions.

Topics such as; accessing our dialectical minds, promoting somatic and emotional awareness, interpersonal awareness, being a responsible consumer and business owner (in the face of climate change, social inequalities, human rights etc etc).

The aforementioned goal can be achieved through the use of questions that we as a whole and individuals can ask ourselves.

In my opinion, there are too many opinions (hypocritical, I know) on the internet, opinions full of claims based on supposition and conjecture. A lot of these opinions are backed by catchy headlines that pull our attention away from ourselves, our self awareness and our autonomy. 

I want this blog to be simple, focused on positivity, recommending positive action that we can implement into our lives, our relationships and hopefully our world.

This blog will also feature new and upcoming products and developments at Egeau and how we strive to create a sustainable, luxurious and inclusive brand. 

Thank you so much for reading this and I look forward to bringing you more content.

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